Meet The Writer: Evie

Hi I’m Evie, I’m 15 and I’m one of the writers for Rein It In Racing. I first got into racing by watching the Grand National when I was younger, but it completely sparked last year when I was introduced to racing on social media. Since then my love of the sport has only grown, so much so that I am now planning a career with Racing.

My favourite horse of all time is Exaggerator, winner of the 2016 Preakness Stakes. Not only is he very beautiful, he was also one of the most talented 3 year olds of that crop. His first book of mares has been amazing, including Sacre Coeur, dam of Lady Eli. His first crop of foals is sure to be exciting, so look out in 2018!

I enjoy watching National Hunt and flat racing, but I do prefer the breeding aspects of flat racing as it is very interesting as an outside viewer. Although I am not the best tipster I do think my slight knowledge of breeding has helped at some points. However, there are some horses that are just amazing even if their pedigree is not, but the unpredictability just makes the sport more exciting for me.

As well as the odd dabble in journalism, I also write racehorse stories, and I have a few to keep an eye out for. My Wattpad is @Exaggerator . I may also put some story previews here, just as an added extra!

I hope you enjoy some of the blog posts I have planned, which includes a Sun Chariot Stakes Overview tomorrow.

*Applications are still open so don’t forget to DM us!*

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